Greetings from Slovakia!

Hi guys,

Im freshly registered to this site so I would like to introduce myself. Im experimenting with FL Studio quite a long time , aprox from 2008 when I first time heard dnb. Only now I started to take it more seriously and slowly started to building my "studio". So far i have Komplete Audio 6 with Pioneer S-DJ50X monitors, some cheap Akai keyboard from a friend, soon I will have Roland MC-303 from another friend(yay!). Plus some sample packs from Samplegenie and Computermusic magazine. Two days ago I bought Massive so im just learning how to tame that beast :)

I take this as a restart, so I deleted all old tunes from SC and put there only the tunes I completed with new gear. So far just two, but more is on the way!

This is my kind of tribute to the old Virus sound :
And here is remix for Automate competition which they didnt pick in the top 6, but they follow me on SC so they must see some talent in me :D

Feedback much appreciated!
Welcome bro! Listened to both tunes and i like 'em! Maybe could do with a bit more switching it up here and there but overall nice.
I went and gave you a follow on sound cloud :)