Greetings from Melbourne, Australia.


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May 12, 2009
How are you all? I'm a total d'n'b noob. I'm a Hip Hop producer and today while digging through records I found this dope break and it got me thinking.

I wanna up my d'n'b knowledge, it's a dope type of music with crazy energy.

I just copped Pendulum - Hold Your Colour, I'm liking it so far.

Any other recommendations?
Welcome bro (y) theres a healthy dnb scene in melbourne, or so ive heard, youre lucky.
I think I like the darker stuff, what's wrong with Pendulum? I'm guessing it's more mainstream ey. There was this one track that I was really feeling.

Pendulum - Tarantula (Pendulum vs Fresh ft Spyda & Tenor Fly)

I haven't actually bought anything, just downloading stuff at the moment. Eventually when I know what I like I'll go out and buy the cds.

Right now I'm listening to this compilation mixed by Shy FX, it's fair dope. Alot of different cats on this shit.
Both beats are pretty good man, I'm liking the second one a bit more though but good job especially if you've only beein doing it for 5 months

I've been at it for like 3 years now but I've only been taking it seriously for 1, I'm an emcee and that's what got me into making beats coz I couldn't afford to buy them

This is a picture of my setup:

I mainly use FL Studio 8 and Pro Tools 7.4 M-Powered.
Nice setup man. Got any tracks of you emceeing? (I can only listen to zshare in work because myspace, youtube, soundclick etc are blocked and I have no net at home for the time being)

Love Aus Hip Hop. Know a guy called Ezekiel?
Welcome and good to have some more peeps from Oz on board!

you've found the right place man thats for sure:)
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