Jul 7, 2002
Most of you will know about these labels and the outstanding quality of releases that have been put out so to show my appreciation I put this mix together on the fly after a few beers :)

Warning: About 3 minutes in the volume reduces for a few seconds and goes back to normal so don't adjust anything.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/darksp1n%2Fdarkspin-green-bay-wax-lucky-muffin-tribute Mixcloud:

1 Untitled by Unknown Artist (GBBL01)
2 Untitled by Unknown Artist (GBBL01)
3 Untitled by Unknown Artist (GBBL01)
4 Da Skillz by Kid Lib & Percussive P (GBW001)
5 Homiez From Da Bay by Kid Lib (GBW002)
6 Lighter Fi Flash by Kid Lib & Percussive P (GBW001)
7 South Side (Forest Hill Mix) by Champa B & Bazia (GBW003)
8 The Music by Kid Lib (Digital only taken from LUCKYMUFF001)
9 These Sounds by Darkman (GBW005)
10 I Can't Go by Kid Lib & Percussive P (Digital only taken from GBW001)
11 We Couldn't Think Of A Name by Tim Reaper (GBW002)
12 Bogus Badge by Kid Lib & Percussive P (Digital only taken from GBW002)
13 Cookin' Up Ya Brain by Champa B & Bazia (GBW003)
14 Kill & Kollect by Champa B & Bazia (GBW003)
15 Energy '94 by Kid Lib (Digital only taken from GBW002)
16 Untitled by Unknown Artist (GBBL02)
17 No Clappaz by Kid Lib (LUCKYMUFF001)
18 Lookout by Kid Lib (JUNGLEMUFF1)
19 Fragile Agony by Kid Lib (LUCKYMUFF001)
20 Big Mouth People by Kid Lib (RAGGAMUFF1)
21 1 More Gun by Kid Lib (RAGGAMUFF1)
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