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Merry Christmas you lot!

Hope you are all having a good time

As a lil festive fun, Ive made this cheeky quiz type thing.
Below are a bunch of user reviews pulled from Meta Critic, each user scored the film they are reviewing 0.
Guess the film from the review. Simple.
Winner gets Andy Cs left sock and can gloat.

PM me the answers.

No cheating

Dull performances and paper thin characters populate this mercifully brief film. Despite impressive visuals, the film never really comes alive. The main actress sets feminism back 50 years by portraying a hysterical, incapable astronaut while the most basic rules of science and space travel are all but ignored. Those looking for genuine sci-fi should avoid this film at all costs.

I can't believe how insanity boring all these explosions and train-wrecks can be! This movie makes me feel nothing but disdain for the actors portrayal of a Native American. How insensitive is this? What year is this that they can't find a proper actor to play this role? Are big Hollywood stars the only thing that people care about anymore? He was basically Capt. Jack in this silly soulless film that had no redeeming qualities (unless you are a fan of overdone CG)

the two stars at their worst. Felt sorry for Martin Freeman being in this movie. And it's not an effing trilogy the three movies in the series are DIFFERENT story lines, not a continuation. Meaning its not a trilogy. Regardless this film is A massive disappointment.

Wow, I thought being a Friday night, I would sit down with my two kids, and watch this film, we saw the first two and thought they were funny. Who in their right mind thinks it's funny that a giraffe loses it head on the freeway. It just goes to show how sick society has become, especially in the U.S.A, where so much violence is except-able, that this can be classed as comedy.

A cinematic pile of rubbish. It is a complete rip off Of the Brave Little Toaster. SO sick of this animation company taking credit were they deserve none. My kids hates it too. Doesn't surprise me.

Seriously, I could give this gratuitious film a worser score, a negative 1, for it was based on many stereotypes (Germans) and had improbable sequences, such as the mirror in the D-Day scene, I didn't think it would have that much reflective power, also, for Upham, how could he not've been in combat? The rescue mission was in vain, I'm sorry Spielberg, but you shouldn't have gotten an Oscar for this film (bleh!).

It begins powerfully with a near rape and murder,and the viewer naturally sympathizes with the victim and understands the enraged shooting of the would-be rapist. Then, the movie degenerates into an infantile, giggly fantasy about two stupid women riding around and tormenting subhumanized versions of male kind

this film has great lighting in it. great set design if it was just for looking at a set. its the first attempt to mix film noir with sci fi creating the space noir genre. thats it. THIS IS THE MOST OVER RATED FILM IN THE HISTORY OF FILM. In fact, this film is a perfect failure on almost every level.

This movie is absurdly sick. The very moral fiber of our country is deteriorating. I grew up ranching and, trust me, any real self respecting cowboy would not appreciate this. Homosexuality is not part of being a cowboy and has no place in a western movie. Get real people, wake up! You're being misguided by Hollywood and don't even realize it.

This may be the worst movie ever made. I take that back. "From Beyond" is the worst. This one is second. Not one of the reviews I've read even mentioned the aspect of the persecution of the Muslims in a Hindu country. Where is the moral indignation at India for this racist behavior? The reviewers all mention the vibrant colors of the slums. That makes it the best film of the year? Why should we be visually assaulted watching a movie? Crap.This movie is crap

I wanted to like this film, but I had a hard time. Everything about this movie falls a bit flat: the animation, the dialogue, the unsteady accents, the jokes, the soundtrack, the action, the amusement value of the kicking, screaming princess voiced by Cameron Diaz. I kept falling asleep and never did get through the whole thing.

This movie was straight up god awful. The story was consistently boring throughout the movie and it had a totally unoriginal plotline. The characters got on my nerves to no end (especially Sigourney Weaver's character) and we're supposed to believe that this far in the future, they are still using crappy wheelchairs that look the same from the ones in the 70's? Being a person who is not at all impressed by just special effects, I was extremely disappointed in this film

WHY DID THEY DESTROY THIS FILM? Lets get this straight. If your going to do the film of a book that people of all ages love, then at least try to keep faithful to the book! What was going on? Why put in stupid CGI shruken heads, not in ANY of the books? Why miss out massive chunks of story and backplot? Why change the layout of hogwarts so much? Especially after all the effort to get it right in the first two films.

This was an awful, ignorant, simpleminded movie. The main star delivered his least nuanced and one-note performance to date, and he won the Oscar! What a disgrace. This is a terrible film whose message is to conform; black panthers and hippies are evil. I hate this corny film.

I'm a girl and am ashamed to have sat through this garbage. No one is even mildly likeable. The story goes nowhere. There is nothing to like about this dorky, hipster movie. Part of the scenes with her classmates in which she is treated as if she is a leper is ridiculous. And the prego acts as if she is 65 years old. Awful.

Poorly executed and predictable film. I can't say I like the idea of a spaghetti western that this film portrayed. They never even had slavery in the west. Overblown and over-dramatic.

I don't like the this film. It's a bunch of guys sitting around in prison listening to classical music. Most of them, with the exception of the protagonist, are murderers and scumbags. I don't feel any sympathy for them. Then you get to the end and there's some hokey fairytale ending where the two guys meet up on some sunny picturesque beach and it's all smiles and rainbows and shit What's to like?

This movie sucked. Even with ten years of bad episodes behind us, this movies surpassed them all. I didn't laugh once. Just end the series now and put us out of our misery.

It had no real point to it. Just another movie about a job gone wrong where everybody dies. The dialogue was one of the least impressive things about it... It was awkward and unconvincing, despite being acted by decent actors. I couldn't see the film as an unfolding story, I could only see it as bad writing. How does Joe's son die? No one shoots him. Pointless violence from a high school drop out.

I don't understand what people see in this movie. I couldn't really follow this movie at all. Just a couple of teenagers trying to take over their town, and they do it by beating up innocent people and raping women. It's also unbelievably wierd. Their are some strange scenes that were so weird, I scratch my head and tried to figure out what's going on.

This movie is full of Racial propaganda. All the "cool" penguins had African/American and Latin overtones and accents while all the nasty penguins that gave them a hard time had Scottish (White) dialects. Then we wonder why our kinds form racial prejudices.

This is bad on every level. Awful script. Awful actors. Awful continuity. Awful blocking. Awful scenes. Coming of age, trying to get laid, high school buddy films don't need to be this bad. Jonah Hill is waaaay to old to play a high school loser believably any more.

PM me the answers or something and i'll put the answers out before NYE.


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i got a headache just scrolling past all the questions.. but i hope other people play. i'd like to see if this game is fixed (y).



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i aint worried bout it, here, listen to this and old voice mail messages from girls you known that used to love you
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