Great GLO sets by dj Robi durring EXIT 06


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I've just got back from Serbia and just got to share my exps.
Being a big dnb fan I was wery disapointed that LTJ BUKEM was a no-show at this year Exit festival in Novi Sad.
But, dont cry li'l Jimmy... At one point i found myself at Caffe del Danube stage that is mostly chill stage and borring, but at 00h I saw djs switching an thought i should stay and hear whats coming up.
The kid was wearing Goodlooking T-shirt, and started spinnin Bukem, I was amazed! Naturaly we stayed. The kid has really got it in his fingers. In no time the crowd that was sleeping from the previous set performed by some no-dj-pernja got up and started dancing. In like 10 mins the stage was full. Great fun, great job Dj Roby!