GRAND THEFT AUDIO - The BIG Sundays LIVE ! 19/02/06


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b]GRAND THEFT AUDIO - The BIG Sundays LIVE ! 19/02/06[/b]

Again another solid 6 hours of pure D&B selection

A versatile drum and bass show giving you everything you could possibly want to listen to! 3 Djs collaborating to provide some of the most diverse tracklistings ever. Always caning promos and playing fat tracks that no-one have ever heard before

THIS WEEK: We have invited Decode resident DJ E.R.S to join us in the studio. He will be delivering a 1.5 hour drum&bass mix in the way he does best. Hes a very talented DJ so be sure to check it. He is one of many uncovered artists from our local area so anyone who listened some feedback would be all good. Bad or Good ! We are going to take up the first half hour of the show with a couple forthcomings, an exclusive and something from our studio that went OFF! at the pendulum night in Wells so check for that.

6PM-8PM THE REBIRTH SHOW (Featuring Fuze, Triptek & MC Moonie)
Featuring exclusives, fresh material, classics, and tracks from budding up and coming producers, featuring a different guest DJ every week, watch this space for promo comps and guest mixes from Cybin and interface.

THIS WEEK: A suprise guest and set of features today on the mighty REBIRTH show today. Whatever it is the crew have instore you know its going to be heavy. A great success the other night in Wells for the rebirth crew is sure to bring the vibe for this. Expect a review on the night. Sick !

After little more than a year overload have grown into one of bristol's best and biggest drum'n'bass events, and their radio shows never disappoint. Always providing big archived sets and information on future events and competitions.

Be prepared for another fine sunday of drum & bass , make sure you logon this week for another day of great D&B shows on GTA to end your weekend !!!

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