GRAM Agency Podcast Volume 16 – Fracture and Neptune - LIVE NOW!

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    Volume 16 of the GRAM Podcast is taken care of by Astrophonica’s Fracture and Neptune.

    After over a decade in the scene we have been graced with their debut album: ‘Retrospect’, and a special one it is indeed!

    With hand printed sleeves with exclusive design from Nick Duggins and Emilski, amazing mastering from the Beau at Masterpiece, live musicians, Fracture drums, Neptune bass, even a guest appearance from Charlie Fractures own Father! Not forgetting of course, some of the best music of the past, present and future brain of planet Astrophonica that Fracture and Neptune dwell on!


    Watch out for the forthcoming ‘BrainFreeze’ on Ltd vinyl, no digital, with one of the most special tracks on the album on the flip: ‘Customtone’.

    For more info on Fracture, Neptune, Astrophonica and more, check


    GRAM Podcast #16 – Fracture & Neptune

    ‘Good evening Planet Earth, citizens of Earth origin or any other planet in the solar system, good evening Planet Earth…

    Welcome to the GRAM June 2011 Podcast with Fracture & Neptune of Astrophonica. Within this transmission you can expect to hear recordings of the highest sonic quality and from each end of the spectrum. Keeping it cosmic as ever, Fracture & Neptune take you through a musical journey of some of their favourite tracks from past, present & future…’

    Click here to download the podcast…

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    yeeah, cant look past a fracture and neptune mix to lighten up my day.
    My favorite artists in all of electronic music atm, cant do wrong