GRAM AGENCY: Craggs & Parallel Forces, Insight, Mixmaster Doc, Sabre, Zero Tolerance

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    Grass Roots Artist Management continues to extend its artist rosta with some more high profile artists:

    Craggs & Parallel Forces (Valve, Product, Play)
    After the massive success of *Northern Soul* the guys
    have been going from strength to strength and will be back
    with some fantastic new offerings. With the new solo effort by
    Craggs on Med School already a massive hit expect to see more
    hits appearing on Product, Play & more.

    Insight (Digital Soundboy, Horizons, Outsider)
    Not many new producers get into the boxes of top flight DJ’s as
    diverse as Shy FX, Fabio, Hype, Randall, Klute, Breakage,
    Paradox, Bailey, Spirit, etc… Releasing on Commercial Suicide,
    Digital Soundboy, Paradox’s Outsider, Inneractive, Horizons, and
    others, with his musical
    journey is reflected in the diversity of these labels.

    Mixmaster Doc (Creative Source, Sonorous Music, Mac II)
    (UK & Europe Only)
    With his first UK & Europe tour set for the month of June a man
    that is taking dnb by storm: Mixmaster Doc. 31 Records, Creative
    Source, Sonorous Music, Mac II, Brand Nu and more have all
    snapped him up for tunes and he is only going to get bigger and bigger.

    Sabre (Metalheadz, Creative Source, Renegade Hardware)
    Needing no introduction the man that is Sabre. Immensly popular
    DJ and justly so. With a back catalogue any producer would be
    proud of and more tracks forthcoming on Metalheadz, Renegade
    Hardware, Creative Source & more you can expect to be seeing a
    lot more of him.

    Zero Tolerance (Liquid V, Bassbin, Signature)
    Irish wonder joins GRAM at a extremely busy point in his career.
    With his debut LP 'Cheap Shots' upcoming on CIA this summer, tracks forthcoming
    on Liquid V, Mac II, Soul:R and more expect to see him at hitting a
    lot a nights as demand for dj gigs is huge !

    To book any of the above artists then please get in contact with Dave @ Gram - email below.