DnB Graham March Tribute Track Advice

Nine Avian Pigs

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The track in process: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lf5kl1vplckdck6/TributeWIP.mp3?dl=0

When I was getting really into the Drum n Bass scene around middle school, one of the artists I listened to a lot was Desimal. He was very influential to how I made music back then. I absolutely loved the amount of layering that he put into his work. And it created some really chaotic emotions back then. Even though he isn't around anymore, I wanted to make a tribute track for him. Without him I wouldn't have been making drum n bass in the first place.

For doing something in his style I felt that doing a normal intro-drop-rise-drop-outro track wouldn't do him enough justice. So I decided to take on a bit more of a progressive route. (Something like this, but not as minimalist: https://soundcloud.com/nine-avian-pigs%2Fim-gonna-give-you-5-across-the-ass Allowing all the sounds to come together in a neat little ballet of sonic happiness. That's where my problem is... The track feels too controlled and coordinated. When I listen to Desimal's tracks, he used sounds everywhere. Layers and layers of samples, ambience, sub bass. Maybe it's the drum beat. Maybe I'm not putting enough sound into it. I need some other ears to help make judgements so that I can feel like I'm applying his style. Any advice is helpful. I plan to release this track on May 23. Thank you!