Got me some new oldschool records..MIx

Urban Hype - Teknologi
Recall - I've Seen Things
Reel Master, The - The Record Spins
Westworld - Westbeat / Dreamworld
Xpansions - Move Your Body (Elevation)
gto - Listen To The Rhythm Flow (Trance Machine Mix)
Adam "X"* - Listen
Dj Carl Cox* - Hardcore Massif!
Altern 8 - Activ 8 (Come With Me)
Breakout's* - Vol II: Between The Grooves
Bassix - Close Encounters
N-R-Gee Posse - Themes
Autonation - Sit On The Bass
Introsik - Heavy Atmosphere
Future, The - Locked In Madness
Death By Dub (Remix)
Tricky Disco - House Fly
Mainx - 88 To Piano (The Loop Mix)
Oí Sonik* - Just Let Your Body Ride
Synergy - Secrets Of The Unknown
Breakout's* - Vol II: Between The Grooves
Rhythm Masters, The - Our Supreme Groove Trax Volume Three