Got interviewed by Kmag...

A record label I co own has been interviewed by Kmag

I did the mix myself on decks and would love to hear some opinions of it

T-2000 - Metrik [Viper]
Marka - Dub Phizix & Skeptical [Exit]
Magma (Veranova Remix) - Caution & Crisis [Spacetrap Dub]
Refugee - Wilkinson [Ram]
Feel Love - High Frequency [Spacetrap Dub]
Snapcase - June Miller [Module]
Anticipate (Netsky Remix) - Skream [Ammunition]
Tap Ho - TC [Don't Play]
Original Don (Partysquad & Punish Em Remix) - Major Lazer [Downtown]
Stomp - Sub Focus [Ram]
Skip Rope - Need For Mirrors [Symmetry]
Unanswered Questions - Applause [Spacetrap Dub]
Cornered - D Bridge [Metalheadz]
Losing Time - 4th Creation [Spacetrap]
Diamond Cutter - Switch Fusion & Shamoniks [Mindstorm Dub]
Desperate Measures - Interface [Shogun]
Don't You Understand - 4th Creation [Spacetrap]
No! - Phace & Rockwell [Neosignal]
Undah Yuh Skirt (feat. Mavado) - Zed's Dead [Mad Decent]