Gordo, whats goin on with Greece mang?


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Apr 7, 2006
seeing crazy shit on the news bro.
our government is even putting out travel warnings to stop people travelling there...

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Jul 21, 2005
no lie. i was gonna make this thread yesterday. i have a feeling gordo knows the real score. no media corruption


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Mar 8, 2003
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its all blown out of proportion.

mini riots like this happen very often in Athens, especially at the Eksarhia area, where this whole scene unfolded. groups of people look for any excuse to start hurling stones and molotov cocktails at coppers, smash shop windows and burn cars. What annoys me the most about those people is that they brand themselves as anarchists.But really, no real anarchist would act this way. That shit isntfueled by political views, or class angst. They're just looking for a bit of fun by smashing shit up.
Like i said, it is a common thing for Athens, and whilst i do find destroying private property a bad thing, the fact that the authorities must expect these riots when they do something bad, usually keeps them from abusing their powers too much.
(If the whole De Menezes had happened in Athens' tube, those coppers would have been lynched, straight and simple, there would have been no due procces)

This time they did do some serious shit, a copper shooting a teenager dead for allegedly no apparent reason. And the whole thing does make for a great news story.
I wasnt there, so i cant say who did what, and who's to blame. If i was to guess, id say it was a nervous copper, who did the wrong move when confronted by a gang of kids. From what ive read on Greek news sites, a police car was patrolling in the Eksarhia area, which is a notorious hangout of the so called "anarchists", and they stopped to check on a few kids that where gathered on a street, and they started shouting at them, then threw some stones and stuff, which continued even after the coppers where out of the car, and thats when a copper allegedly fired a blind shot into the crowd and shot Alexandros Grigoropoulos.
theres a facebook group about it, theres some english there, but most discussions are in greek, so good luck

all in all, i wouldn't advice anyone to not go to Athens right now. These arent mindless terrorists shooting people left and right. These are mostly students with clear agendas, and harming tourists isnt one.
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Jul 29, 2007
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seen this on the news, saw the police booting a female up the arse and chasing her down the street for shouting at them and threw another on the floor. heard they shot a 15 year old in the stomach TWICE. u could expect riots.
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