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    EZ D&B folks.

    Just saying hello to one and all. This is my first post on this site.
    I work for Good Looking Records as the glo myspace administrator and website forum moderator (when it is launched soon)
    I will also be heading up the glo team of e-troopers shortly.
    If you are interested in promoting goodlooking via the web and earning exclusive promo's / signed merchandise etc check out the details...
    the e-team info is in the blog section there.

    If you aint already our friend on myspace send us a request and subscribe to our blog. "make sure you're part of the glo community"

    See you there


    Soulsmith @ glo

    P.S goodlooking is back!

    Makoto - 'Believe In My Soul' is out May 28th - (summer time D&B & well worth the wait!)