Good Sites to Buy FLAC / WAV / MP3


Laughter in the Slaughter
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Apr 21, 2003
Calgary, AB Canada
So i know of the more obvious ones like:



Chemical records

Is there any others that people use that have better selection, or any other advantages?
Well there is always the record labels websites like Metalheadz etc.

Also on a deeper/liquid flex check out which has loads of Commercial Suicide, Signature, SoulR stuff and more...
ive got some good bargains from breakbeat, but they have mostly commi stuff and i had problems downloading before and more recently one of the songs I got skips making it impossible to mixx, gna try n get a refund for that I think.
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Nu-urban became pretty crap for digital purchases lately. junodownload and dnbarena for most of the time, digital-tunes for old stuff because of lower prices ;) and beatport for some exclusives there.
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