Good producers that cant mix...


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Mar 8, 2003
between a low hum and a high whine
e z know... your opinions 'ere...who you reckon are the candidates for best producer/bad dj ratio???

Me vote goes for TechItch
D/l someofhis mixes lately.......jesus...i can do better than that...and im shit!!!

and dont fukin start..."what!!! Tech Itch is god...."blahblahblah.....
he makes good tunes but his mixing....proly he doesnt care..
Sorry to disappoint you!
Only heard him once online but it was clang city, worst mixing I ever heard.
dkay can be good at mixing, but he also can fuck things up big time

techitch is a good producer :)

dj Rap @ Flex was not very nice

BC Crew got better

But... mixing i snot skillz only, its about bad slipmats, bad needles, bad monitors...

Tip for all producers:
Get yourself traktor and learn to mix on it, would be better ...
I aint heard of traktor? whats this - for mixing audio? any info amigos?

In the line of bad mixing tho - Simon Baseline Smiths mixing @ Breakneck ‘fell down the stairs’ more than a slinky!

Everyone has a bad day - even me!
brockie + ray keith?

oh... you said good proucers, silly me... :weakest:

yea bad company are better, when its just fresh. at the weekender he was bangin it harder than i banged your mum, :gslayer:
well i aint bein fair really....
havent really heard enuff sets by him to giv a proper judgement.

a lot of bad company's sets have been pants, but fresh on his own is a legend.
moving fusion should stick to what theyre good at aswell, which aint mixin.
lemon d, dillinja and trace have all done wicked sets over here several times, they may have done shit sets somewhere but they can all mix

i dunno which producers can't mix because the shit ones don't come over to NZ... but I'm guessing Paradox because he only plays live :D
Originally posted by Standby

moving fusion should stick to what theyre good at aswell, which aint mixin.

saw moving fusion last month at ram and was mucho suprised! They tore it up, all the other times ive seen em they have been a bit sketchy but the were actually propa good!:slayer:
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