Good mornign from Seattle


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Hey all Im just a humble DnB head from Seattle come to get properly exposed to the best DnB available!

I started listening to electronica a lot in high school, going to local happy hardcore shows (don’t hold it against me) soon I discovered Makoto from Japan and needless to say THINGS CHANGED. He’s still 1 of my fav DJs and a huge inspiration.

I listen to tons of electronica and other types of music too but if you saw me walking down the street with my headphones I will probably be listening to DnB, Hip Hop, or metal.

I JUST got my first set of turntables this month and have blown all my savings at the record shop :D . Im just trying to practice beatmatching right now. Getting better but not ready to host a party yet : [ . ANY dj tips would be greatly appreciated.

Im excited to get on these boards, see yall around!