Good Looking Records Return Better Than Ever!

After the seminal success of his last release "Golden Girl", Makoto has been busy putting the final touches to his hugely anticipated second album, "Believe In My Soul".

Having received huge critical acclaim already, the album looks to be one of 2007 biggest releases! Here's just a handful of what some of the scene's biggest names think..

Good Looking Records Presents

“Good Looking are right on the money with this eleven track CD & six track vinyl release” (ATM, Mar/Apr. 2007)

“Soulful vocals and drifting atmospherics, pinned together by solid bass and pristine percussion.” (Knowledge, March. 2007)

”Makoto has crafted an uplifting album that lovers of dreamy D'n’B will lap up.” (Mixmag, March. 2007)

Having heard Makoto’s first album, I, probably like you, presumed more of the same; soulful and smooth Drum and Bass drenched with lush vocals. To that I wasn’t disappointed, but rather pleasantly surprised to see how much Makoto has grown since his Good Looking debut with “Human Elements” and how much his production has developed.

Moving into the future, “Believe In my Soul” is an album bursting with crisp beats, smooth strings and some of the warmest bass around; but it is more than just an album; it is a showcase of Makoto’s development over the last 3 years, showing just how far he has come. If anything, this album shows that Makoto is much more than a one trick pony, with the album featuring tracks that will sound as good on a packed dance-floor at 3am as they will on a Sunday afternoon lounging in the garden.

The opening track “Spangle” instantly subsides everything else around you and acts as a curtain call for the rest of the album; signalling the start of the show. And what a way to start; a smooth piano hook that seems to have been tailored for the smooth and sultry vocal gives way to a rolling track that features crisp beats and a perfectly sliced up vocal sample.

One of the reasons this album sounds so good is that it spans such a variety of emotions, from happiness right through to sorrow. The track “Waiting” seems to symbolise Makoto’s own feelings and although the track uses a heavier beat than most of the others it is the haunting vocal that seems to bare the producer’s soul and convey his own personal emotions through a truly beautiful track.

Far from being just a solo project, the album features remixes by two of the Scene’s biggest names; Brazilians DJ Marky and XRS. Marky lends his skills at reworking the track “Eastern Dub,” keeping many of the original elements but giving them a deeper and heavier feel, whilst still managing to maintain all of the original vibes.

XRS steps up to remix the track “Inside your Love,” which was originally remixed by Nookie on Makoto’s first album “Human Elements.” This time round the track features the classic smooth vocal complimented with neatly arranged drums and a deep, warm bassline that seems to float subliminally under the track, a remix that really manages to bring the track back up to date.

As well as featuring both the original and the DJ Marky remix of “Eastern Dub” the album also features the second instalment of the track, “Eastern Dub Pt. 2.” Having received airplay from a host of top named DJs, including DJ Marky and Fabio it is one of the tracks off the album that people will recognise instantly, featuring the unmistakable piano riff, subtle drums and uplifting vocal; it truly is one of the album’s standout tracks.

“Believe in my Soul” looks set to signal the return of Good Looking Records to its original glory, heralding the labels return to the limelight. With support from DJs right across the board, this album truly is one to watch out for!



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can anyone say,

"buy on sight"

GLO, the soundtrack to our lives.

I laughed when people tried saying GLO was dead. I knew. I just knew.

It's ok to be right in a sea of wrongness.


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Hello, all.

Makoto's new album, Believe in my Soul will be available worldwide from 24th September 2007.

This album is excellent and I cant wiat to get my hands on a proper copy of it. Much respect to Makoto for what hes producing at the moment.

You will all be able to get your hands on it shortly, not long to wait now....




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stop it are u shore ive been mad on bukems tunes 4 years but wot with trying 2 run a buisness and stay in touch with dnb im lovin liquid at moment but hey all dnb is good its a way of life
:)Good Looking Looking Good:rinsed:

If anybodys never heard any GLR material they dont know what they been missing ,

Danny Bukem /pfm/taylor/conrad,,

Been waiting a long time i know it will be worth the wait.

Big shout out to all the GOOD LOOKING CREW

:gang_bangRespect is due:gang_bang

Thanks Neil Dj Paranoid