Good Audio Production programs


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I know guys this has probably been asked hundreds of times, but please bear with me.

I've been looking to start dabbling in production for a while now, I started a bit on FL Studio but got distracted by GCSE's, Xbox etc:)

But since my xbox got 3 red rings, I've decided now is a better time than ever to start creating some tunes what with it being my holidays, finished my exams and all.

I'm looking for a program apart from FL Studio, I heard Reason is very good, and Ableton also, although the latter seems better, but in terms of flexibility, ease of use, and for producing dnb which in your opinion guys is great?

I really wanna start making some beats :cowbell:

Much Appreciated,



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Hi savoirfaire, Il try my best 2 help m8 im new to this forum but have been producing 4 a while now.
in terms of flexibility youl want to be using cubase sx as it allows external vst instruments (basically it can have external programs linked to it to give you more sounds for your basses,drums etc

in terms of ease of use its more of a case of experimentation and making loadza tunes than the selection of a program but i would suggest reason or fruity

Reason, cubase, fruity are all also gd 4 dnb also logic.
Ive never used ableton.

O yer youl wana get Native instuments - massive its a vst that subfocus and co use but its only effective when link with cubase etc.

Hope ive helped u on this one m8