Goldie - The Alchemist (The Best of Goldie 1992 - 2012)


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Goldie will release a compilation called The Alchemist on March 11th.

Clifford Price is an important figure in drum & bass history for many reasons. He was arguably the genre's biggest producer in its '90s heyday, reaching mainstream prominence with classic albums like Timeless, and also a renowned DJ in his own right, helping to facilitate the transition from jungle into the drum & bass's current incarnation. He also founded Metalheadz around the same time, the (still active) imprint which became home to some of the genre's most important artists.

Timed to mark the 20th year of the UK veteran's recording career, The Alchemist brings together Goldie's best tracks from 1992 to 2012 and puts the spotlight on his own productions, plus remixes for other artists. Its first disc compiles his early jungle-leaning music, including tunes under his Rufige Kru alias, while the second surveys his more adventurous side, featuring work with vocalists Natalie Duncan and Diane Charlemagne. The third and final CD gathers together remixes, including Goldie reworks of other artists (like Björk), as well as his own material remixed by Doc Scott and dBridge. "Single Petal Of A Rose," which appears on disc two, is a brand new song exclusive to The Alchemist.

01. Goldie presents Rufige Kru - Malice In Wonderland
02. Goldie & Metalheadz - Terminator
03. Goldie presents Rufige Kru - Menace
04. Goldie presents Rufige Kru - Monkey Boy
05. Goldie presents Rufige Kru - Dark Rider
06. Goldie presents Rufige Kru - Sometime Sad Day
07. Goldie presents Rufige Kru - Shanghai Dub
08. Goldie presents Rufige Kru - Rhythm Killa
09. Goldie - Special Request
10. Goldie presents Rufige Kru - Babylon 2012
11. Goldie - I'll Be There For You
12. Goldie - Saint Angel
13. Goldie - I Know Who I Am

01. Goldie - Single Petal Of A Rose
02. Goldie - Angel
03. Goldie feat. Natalie Duncan - Freedom (Radio Edit)
04. Goldie - State Of Mind
05. Goldie feat. Natalie Williams - Latin Skin
06. Goldie feat. Diane Charlemagne - What You Won't Do For Love
07. Goldie presents Rufige Kru - Beachdrifta
08. Goldie & J Majik - Runway
09. Goldie & 4 Hero - (Internal Affairs) In My Soul
10. Goldie presents Rufige Kru - Is This Real VIP
11. Goldie - VIP Riders Ghost
12. Goldie - Sea Of Tears

01. Goldie & Metalheadz - Inner City Life (Baby Boy's Edit)
02. Goldie - Kemistry (Doc Scott Remix)
03. Goldie feat. KRS-One - Digital (Armand Van Helden Remix)
04. Garbage - Milk (Goldie's Completely Trashed Remix)
05. Björk - Isobel (Isobel's Lonely Heart) (Goldie Remix)
06. Ed Sheeran - Lego House (Goldie Remix - Sticklebrick Edit)
07. Bush - Swallowed (Toasted Both Sides Please Goldie Remix)
08. Goldie - Temper Temper (Grooverider Remix)
09. Roni Size & DJ Die - The Calling (Goldie Remix)
10. Goldie presents Rufige Kru - Chances (Alix Perez & Sabre Remix)
11. Goldie presents Rufige Kru - Something About You (D-Bridge Remix)

Metalheadz will release The Alchemist: The Best Of Goldie 1992-2012 on March 11th, 2013.


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single petal of a rose is already a best of track: it combines al of goldies styles an his experience - i am really looking forward to this album because he is and always will be one of the best there is - no discussions .! btw: diffidently buy this album if you are looking for samples b/c metalheadz style is perfect for sampling (among many others) and this would be like the best of what you can use for your own tracks - ergo: buy the album, study the technique, cut millions of samples and enjoy what You can do with it ... and NO (for you haters out there) its not stealing if you sample from tracks made of samples - you can never really steal stuff ... youre only passing on this torch of experience and inspiration to others :> therefore: keep it up and stay awesome, big up and much love, Your Dinozzo .!


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That is a serious release, will be bagging for sure.

He's doing a 90 minute 92 - 2012 set in cambridge as part of the launch tour for this in march, need to reach.