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Sine Tempus
‘Without Time’
Like an ancient relic from an Indiana Jones movie, the dust was recently blown off the master of Sine Tempus, the third artist album from Goldie, creator of Metalheadz and classics like ‘Timeless’ and ‘Saturn Returnz’.
Composed in 2004 by Goldie and engineered by Mark Caro (Technical Itch), Sine Tempus was considered to be too dangerous for public consumption and was sealed in an underground vault to prevent infection. From the beautiful soaring strings of ‘Letting Go’ to the haunting atmospheres and twisted bass line contained within ‘I Know who I Am’, Sine Tempus covers the entire spectrum of drum and bass, an experience which is unmistakable Metalheadz at it’s best. Also the soundtrack to Goldie’s forthcoming film of the same name, Sine Tempus bridges the gap between music and visual art, taking Metalheadz and Drum and Bass further into the realms of multimedia.
Tracklisting :
A. Letting Go - feat. Jenna G
B. Say You Love Me
C. Don’t Give In
D. Chances
E. I Know Who I Am
F. Breaking Glass
G. Something About You
H. Rhythm Killa
I. Inside Your Soul
J. Never Still
K. Latin Skin
L. Invisible
M. Truez Stringz

This album is available exclusively via the Metalheadz website, You will find the album, as well as previous albums and tracks from the Metalheadz catalogue in our store. A few clicks and Sine Tempus will be yours to experience. You will also find artist information, our gallery, our forum and much more! See you there!
- The Metalheadz Team.


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