Goldie @ Incision, Cirencester (31/1/03)


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Mar 21, 2002
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Incision @ The Corn Hall, Cirencester. 31/1/03

The first event of the year sees a new start for Incision, bringing with it bigger and better guests, new security, better decor and an impressive new lighting system! Starting off in style, Incision invite the Metalheadz crew to bring their unique sound to the Corn Hall.
I unfortunately missed opening Dj, De-ad, due to a late arrival and bustling que in the halls foyer, but on entering I was greeted by the sounds of Total Science's 'Turtlewax', soon followed by
Dillinja's thundering 'How Dare You', garnering its usual response from the already busy dancefloor.
Next up was the sound of Crash Recording's Dj Poison, and as usual, he did not disappoint. Highlight of his set for me was Zen's blistering 'Mmmm Bongo', complimented beautifully by
dancefloor smashers such as 'Smelly Fingers' and the new 'Champion Sound' remix, getting an immediate reload! All too soon his set came to a close, and Mc Dread introduced Total Science's Smithy to the heaving crowd. Opening with Fresh's 'Without You', the pace did not drop once throughout his hour long set. The obvious Total Science and CIA dubs were there, alongside crowd-pleasers such as the Mist relick of 'LK', the 'Like A Bird' rmx and rather obviously, the new 'Champion Sound'. No-one cared however, as it teared the speakers apart and of course was rewound straight away! Two on-stage bouncers signalled the anticipated entrance of the headliner, and as Smithy left the 2003 'Midnight' remix playing, Goldie started getting his tune ready.
As the music was faded out, Metaldheadz resident Mc Rage, creating enough of a buzz on his own, introduced Goldie, and as the first tune was unleashed, the crowd went mental! Tune after tune dropped like bombs, with 'Warriors', the 'Nitrous' relick and the rather exclusive 'Terminator' remix hitting the dancefloor hard! An impressive video projector showed all the onstage action
against the back wall, so even the people crammed in round the sides and back could see what was going on! Like all good things, Goldies set had to come to a close, and I had to say I was
incredibly impressed with his set, a lot more so than I was expecting, with tight mixing, and of course the incredible tune selection keeping everyone lively til the very end!
So Incisions first night of the year ended as a success, with a sell-out crowd and incredible atmosphere making the night one to watch out for in 2003. Unfortunately I dont think I can say
whos appearing at the next event in March, but trust me when I say that no expense will be spared at making it a night to remember!
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