Golden Era Liquid gold dnb


(( Please Note )) all my mixes are 100% free i do not make any money from any of them,and never have !!
i do this for the love of the scene,
If anybnody has got any copyright issues regarding any Track's used ive Played in any of my mixes please contact me.

Back in time for this mix,mixed on 1210s Rane ttm 56 mixer, all original vinyls used,no cds software,bpm counters used , just raw oldskool djing on the decks, with are the warm crackling pops and clicks ,,,,

Full track list

1 Alladin - we enter - deep forest vip dub
2 Peshay - piano Tune -glr011
3 Step Off / EZ Roll (EZ Rollers Remix) Promo
4 focus - online -DeeJay recordings djx 028
5 jmj & Richie - free la funk remix moving shadow 68R
6 Dave Wallace -Waves - moving shadow 92
7 LTJ Bukem - Horizon - lgr 001
8 Essence Of Aura - Northern Lights - 2on1 201
9 future bound - Sorrow - Skanna records 10
10 Aquarius( photek ) Taylor - Soul Searching - GLR13
11 urban visions EP - Neil Trix - Banging tunes vol 1
12 PFM - Cruising Detroit - Hooliganz Compilation ASHADOW 14
13 Sourse Direct - Secret liaison GLR015


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This is pure euphoria and a beautifully put together mix. Amazing how old some of these tunes are, but still sound fresh.

Top work!

Any more similar mixes in the pipeline?