Drum & Bass Gnome & Initial Technique - Origin Prologue (Neurofunk/our own style)

Hello everyone. We hate to be the guy's with one post basically advertising a new tune but here we are haha! We have started a new alias so a new account has been created for this forum. We have tried ever so hard to put this in the right place!

We would love to here general feedback and maybe some opinions on our reese bass in particular. It's kind of scratchy we know, but we are trying to achieve a different sound with it if that makes sense? We are just not to sure if it works. We have posted the preview via SoundCloud (basically intro and first drop). It is finished... for now.. lol If we receive mainly positive feedback, we will not change the sound.

Furthermore, if anyone would like the full 320mp3 download before release please say so in the post with your feedback and we will honour the promise. Thanks in advance for your time!

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