"Gnarled" by Dark Justice (Toxin & Forcefield)

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The only thing which didnt appeal to me was the intro. It was probaly too long and either needs shortening or varied a bit. You could do this by adding another accompiment 32/64 bars in. Its really up to you just do what ever sounds right to you. Apart from that it was a pretty dark tune.
That bass sure was growling :lighter:


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yeah this is pretty cool! :zest:

i dont have a problem with the intro... it's DJ friendly and not too boring (least it's not just a hihat)....... that bassline is :slayer:!!! reminds me a little of subwave... could have used a few more high freqs i think, and also its way to loud... with very broadband bass like this you can afford to turn it right down and it'll still be very audible. I think the tune starts to get a little repetitive around 3:30... maybe some new elements, sound FX or even a leed sound would have been cool..... or even just bring the break forward. I think the break is a little boring aswell, that was your oppertunity to really shake things up for the second drop but it was just the same as the rest of the tune.
Apart from that, i think the tune is fucking wicked!! production skills are good... drums are nice, mix is good apart from the loud bass, sound design is fantastic (specially the bass! :love:), and that's all ive got to say


cheers dudes :thumbsup:
yeh i definatly have to agree that the bass is too loud, i've had quite a few people say this.... i must remember to re-master it and turn the bass down....
thanks again.