"Global Love (rmx)/Return of Forever (rmx)" Hos


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Mar 21, 2002
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"Global Love (Calibre rmx)/Return of Forever (Landslide mix)" - Hospital Recs

Finally my copy of this has arrived and this is one I've been waiting for! Calibre on the remix duty for High Contrast, and you know this ones gonna be phat! The best way I can think of to describe this track is "Fire and Water" meets "Titan", with a bleak edge. Solid drums and a gaelic vocal snippets (similar to "Fire and Water") pave the way on the intro, before dropping into an atmospheric 4x4 build-up, and when this drops - you'll know about it. The warmest bass sound this side of LK makes this tune an instant dancefloor hit, and the ever-so-slightly old skool-ish beats top the mix of perfectly. Any Dj's who have managed to blag a promo of this will also know what a pleasure it is to mix (as with any Calibre tune).
The one major disappointment I had with this was the "landslide mix" of Return of Forever. Now RoF was one of my favourite tunes of the last year, so I was eagerly waiting to hear a remix of it. The fact that I couldnt afford the John B mix too added to this, so any fellow garage-haters will understand my confusion (when I first put the needle on) and despair (when I realised it was 2-step) when I listened to this. Now I aint insulting this remix, if garage is your thing then Im sure you'll love it, but personally I cant stand this stuff, and I couldnt turn it back over quick enough!

(23/4/2002) :o :o :o
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