Label Glitchy Hypnotic Neuro Assault by Landscapers!

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    Artwork by Paul @ EndlessDegrees.Com

    Checkout clips at any of the following of your choice!

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    Landscapers smashes his way onto the Drum & Bass circuit with 2 Glitchy Hypnotic Neuro smashers! With this debut release on Ammunition Recordings, Landscapers is headed for some big things, already receiving some huge support and a massive response on dancefloors across the world!

    Landscapers brings some big sounds from France. He has some very creative tunes in many genres, and does not limit himself to Drum & Bass. Be sure to checkout his work if you enjoy experimental sounds, which usually have some great ambience! Ammunition was also put in touch with Landscapers through Axel, or NeurofunkGrid (NFG @ Youtube), who is also from France. Supporting that local French talent! Big shouts to Axel!

    His tune "Downside" started out our latest Ammunition Podcast, so be sure to check that out to hear it in the mix, as well as other tunes incoming on Ammo!
    [​IMG]Ammo Podcast 010 - Guest: ENGAGE - Download Via SoundCloud [​IMG](unlimited)

    Contact Landscapers @

    As always, bigup for the support! Hope you enjoy :)