Glastonbury- Pre Registration

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    Glastonbury- Pre Registration

    u heard the news about pre-registering to actually buy your tickets this year?

    You gotta register during February to be able to buy in April:

    What are the changes to ticket sales procedure in 2007?

    As part of Glastonbury Festivals continuing campaign to combat touting, pre sales registration is being introduced this year. Everyone wanting to buy a ticket for the 2007 Festival will first have to register. This will mean supplying your contact details and a passport standard photo. Each ticket sold will feature the photograph of the person in whose name it is registered and will be non-exchangeable.

    “It’s a much fairer system,” says Michael Eavis. “It means unscrupulous people won’t be able to sell their tickets on for a profit. The people who buy the tickets on 1 April will be the people who are actually coming to the festival.”

    You will need to register between February 1st and 28th, 2007 . You will be able to register both ‘on-line’ and by post. There will be no charge for ‘on-line’ registration but postal applications will need to be accompanied by 2 First Class stamps to cover postage and processing. Forms will be available for download from the registration site which will go live on February 1st, as will the ‘on-line’ registration site. Forms will also be available from February 1st from all Millets stores; Millets will donate 10p for each form issued to WaterAid, one of our Worthwhile Causes.

    Information about how to access the registration site, together with full details of how tickets will be sold and their cost, will be announced on this site during January.

    (Please note that no information collected by registration will be offered for sale or use by any third party organisation. Unsuccessful ticket applicants will have their data destroyed and all ticket holders’ registration details and photos will be destroyed within one month of the event.)

    link to site >