Drum & Bass Glade Homegrown DJ Competition 2012 - jungle, deep, rollin', liquid, dancefloor

What we have here is my 30min entry for this year's Glade Festival Homegrown DJ Competition, which comprises a varied selection of drum & bass heavy-hitters! This is a single-take mix, using 15 tracks that define the style I like to inject in all my mixes. This means I have jungle, liquid, deep, rollin', techy and dancefloor vibes in the mix- the perfect combo to get those festival goers up and raving! The winner will get a coveted slot at Glade 2012, and two tickets for this summer’s electronic dance music experience.

Only basic equipment set-up used for this mix: A pair of Pioneer CDJ850's and a bog-standard Kam 4 channel mixer. No effects, Tracktor, VDJ, Serato, etc, and of course no auto bpm- just my own personal skills & knowledge :)

Anyway, hope you enjoy the mix and please favourite it by clicking the small 'heart' button to the right of the player. The more listens and favourites I get, the chance of winning is greater.

Download version available once competition ends on April 11th.

1. Bladerunner - Feel For You
2. Krome & Time - The Licence (Break Remix)
3. Cain1 & Wakcutt - Night Nurse
4. Mutt - Womack
5. Die & Break - Grand Funk Hustle
6. Icicle & Commix - Ultra Clean
7. June Miller - Snapcase
8. The Sect - Cybermen (Break remix)
9. Enei - Moving Fast
10. DBridge - True Romance
11. SPY - HotSpot
12. Bladerunner - Time Trap
13. Spectrasoul - Reminisence
14. Mikal - Lifts Me Up
15. Logistics - We Are One (Nulogic Remix)