[GLA] La Rocha presents Casper C, ISAN, Organs of Love 04/03/12


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Apr 28, 2011
La Rocha and The Berkeley Suite are proud to bring you the final instalment to a long weekend celebrating the approach of summer. Winter is gone and we all have Monday off, why the fuck not?

~ Casper C

~ ISAN (live)

~ Organs of Love (Optimo Music)

9pm - 3am
The Berkeley Suite, North St, Glasgow

£7 - Ticket pre sales at www.tickets-scotland.com - 0141 204 5151


Casper C (Bleed)
CASPER C has lots of fingers in musical pies. There’s the ever-excellent Blogger’s Delight that he set up in 2006, party collective/label Adventures In The Beetroot Field through which he has a hand in Field Day, plus a day job keeping the bookings for Camden’s Lock Tavern nicely on-point. Does the man sleep? I’m not convinced.


ISAN (Morr Music)
Continually progressing their passion for sound, Isan are not afraid of giving their analogue tone poems space to breathe, placing as much importance on void and silence as on sounds – sometimes vibrant and scratchy, sometimes hymnal and opulent. Their sonic design sits somewhere between the Düsseldorf sounds of Kraftwerk and neu!, the invention of a young Eno and the smart-pop expertise of the Cocteau Twins.


Organs of Love (Optimo Music)
With an electrifying EP recently released on Optimo music, Organs of Love need no introduction in Glasgow. A veritable behemoth of lo-fi weirdness that sounds like it's come oozing straight out of some seedy swamp dive on Saturn. If you've not seem them, then do.


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