Give the Drum Programmer Some [94/5]


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A selection of 94/5 hardcore junglism, most of which, by coincidence, i heard first on Kool 94/5FM! If there's a theme to this mix its the drum programming - some breathtaking beats on this one. Programming has become a bit of a lost art I think - theres too much lazy copy and pasting that goes on these days.

The mix opens up in a cinematic style with a Vangelised-out remix I recently did of Dillinja's classic Angels Fell, drawing on the source Bladerunner material the track was built on - a world exclusive!- hope you like that... From there moving straight into a no-holds-barred back-to-back four-track amen workout, before catching breath with the Foul Play-alias classic Drowning in Her - an all time favourite. From there we slide into the deep and deadly Rumble, then on into Mindgames by System X - an early Photek alias project and a gem of track. A couple of the best jazz stepping jams of the era up next, before signing out on three bonafide smashers - hang around till the very end for the Daz Ellis tribute mix - oh gosh!

Give the Drum Programmer Some

The Angels Fell [Vangelis Extension]- Dillinja
Water Margin - Photek
Space Funk - S.O.S.
Touch Me - Digital
Dubplate Style - Marvellous Cain
Drowning In Her [4 Horsemen Mix]- 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse
The Rumble [Boom Shaka Mix] - DJ Nut Nut and Pure Science
Mindgames [Dub Mix] - System X
Essence [Jazz Testament] - Blame and Justice
Jazz Note - DJ Krust
16 Track Ting - Bizzy B
Oh Gosh! - Undercover Agent
Babylon - Splash