girl on train! about to press charges


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Jan 2, 2008
Kent, UK
I'm pressing charge, i'm pressing charge. How many times does she repeat that lol. Does anyone know what all was about? Funny though.


Jun 8, 2008
This is messed up. She's not on crack, she's not drugged - in fact, she should be lol. She supposedly has a screwed up case of bi-polar disorder and it just so happens that this was found and taped.

If you listen to what she goes on about, she moves from trying to be hardcore and rough (the singing), to being a victim of rape (accusing), and then standing up for herself (the pressing charges). This is the kind of moodswing that bi-polars go through in a matter of second, and she's having a messed up case of it.

On youtube, of course, is where the closet racists come out and start talking about her chimpin' out and how niggas are uneducated and what not...I suggest we try and stay away from that garbage talk too.
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