Girl defying gravity on the bus


Its all a scam so start stealing
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best bit is the way she sits down and tries to look cool, um nice try but no chance not after that

Thin and crispy

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me and my 2 mates once got the last bus home, was no1 else on and it was a double decker... so we went upstairs, and we sat at the front, and my m8 goes "here, watch my impression of a mantis" and he starts like... bounding down the aisle of the bus in a hunched position and jumping from chair to chair and making hissing noises and pulling faces, anyway... as he goes for his second go back to the back of the bus, me and my m8 see the driver walk up the stairs and hes just stood at the top, not even a smirk, watching our m8... now we were alredy laughing hystericaly and when we saw the drive we laughed so much more we couldnt say owt to warn our m8... anyway he gets to the back of the bus, grabs the pole. swings back round and starts bounding back to the front, now cos of where the driver stood... he didnt see him str8 away, and it was only when he was a few feet away from the driver, in a squatting position with his hands on the floor pulling a gurn and hissing his face off, that he noticed the driver rofl... he just stood up like nowt had even happened and the driver told him to go down stairs, me and my other m8 where laughing so hard i thought i was gonna suffocate lol i was crying my eyes out with laughter it was so funny, must of laughed the whole 30 mins journey home lol.