Gin N Tonic


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i had to give this a listen considering i'm having me a gin & tonic as i write this.

anyway, here's my thoughts:

the sub bass could be louder, snares snappier

i liked the two different voice samples, that was cool

the synths in the back ground add a really cool atmosphere.

when the drums come back in at 5:10, it needed a bit of a lead in; some more craziness

overall i liked the various percussion effects, but i found the track to be too long (by about 2 or 3 minutes) and lacking variation.

hey recommend a few other tracks of yours on ACID Planet, i wanna hear more

Challenja said:
Please leave a review and I'll get promiss to give a listen to your tunes.
& if you get a chance, tell me what you think of this:
TV G - f31 The 22nd Day

peace, tv g :gpeace:



thanks for the reply. the track is one of my first to be geared towards dj's. thats why its so long at 8 minutes. 64,24,64,24,64 bar movements. sorry about that shit tho. for other tunes of mine check. TITAN, DONNY, and the Exorcist. all the tracks have there graces, i'm not ashamed of any of the tunes i post. your tune is simplistic, maybe vary up overlying synth noise. use a VST to vary it up, stutter it up and shit. but the mastering is crisp and your subs nice and deep and audiotory.think of every tune you make as your best tune. dont imitate anyone, have your own sound. another dj friendly track is the OOH BABY remix. but all my others are more dark and hard edged intense DNB. thanks again for the reply

Dr. Ophalus

I like the vibe of the tune. The sub-bass is not pronounced enough. Incredibly repeatitive. I love the 64 step drum rolls in the background, but I feel they should come out at a higher level. Not quite sure on the effect over the drums, is it a reverb or a delay? I'd like to hear it over the drums in places but not all the time, imagine the delay in a large club from left to right? Have you checked the drums going through a horn?

Overall, it's could be a nice roller for me, but it's all in the eye of the beholder.




thanks for the replies. The drum edit does have a reverb effect on it, it was put on when i first found the beat back in 99 or 2G. I liked the effect it had, it gives the break something else, not making it crisp and stale. variety of break sounds are good for the scene. thanks alot for noticing that tho, its a great Blazed out track, really mellow and moving.

thanks again

james :jay: