Gideon Festival!!!

Dylan Schreuder

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Mar 16, 2012
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During the weekend of 1,2 and 3 June the sixth edition of Gideon Music Festival will take place on the Gideonweg in Groningen..
The Gideon Music Festival is a multicultural musicfestival for three days in the city of Groningen. On the festival the most innovative and new music is put together. From Funk to Punk, from Jazz to Drum & Bass, from Dj to Cj and all what is new in the music spectrum. A Rocket Ride to Gideon Music Festival takes you to the stars of the biggest underground music and art scene of the North of Holland. It is created by the residents and volunteers of the Gideon area, where the festival takes place. It is a 3 day journey through music, madness, new durable energy for everyone and a peaceful, multicultural Netherlands.
This year it is possible to take part in the festival, by signing in on our website. Not only bands or DJ’s, but also artists, entrepeneurs and pioneers in durable energy are welcome to sign in. Check: for more information
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