Label GIB001 - 'Ray-X - Hopeless Romantic' (FREE)

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    We kick off with GIB001, 'Ray-X - Hopeless Romantic', written and produced by Ray-X, a very underground artist with some serious skills. He has been producing for 5 years, and influenced by the work of artists such a Aphex Twin, DJ Hidden and labels such as Ad Noiseam, this Italian guy has a unique style, "NoizeStyle", which is a cross between IDM, Breakcore and Drum and Bass. Rather than doing the music just for the profit, he enjoys producing for the love of music, like other artists here at Instagib Recordings. With 'Hopeless Romantic' being a wonderful mix of a chill-out mood and some fairly hard drum work to contradict that feeling, it is the perfect track for the Instagib's first release.