Getting into the Live Setup, help/advice needed.

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    Feb 26, 2008
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    Alright, I'm gonna start off this saying I don't know shit about the live side.

    So let's see here, I've been tryin to get a list of shit together to get me started.
    I'm going to be doing a vinyl/digital [using both timecodes and actual vinyls].

    I've been looking at the M-Audio Conectiv [+Torq] as the audio interface/sound card, it's 4x4 [2 Stereo In, 2 Stereo Out].
    For turntables I was lookin at Stanton T.50, for some cheap ones. What's the difference between cheap and expensive ones?
    Was going to use the X-Session Pro [M-Audio again, lol] to control the music, pick which decks to cue and all that good stuff.

    Is that all I'd need? Here's a little pic..

    Any input? Ideas? Am I missing something?

    edit: all links lead to pics of the product.
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