Getting a mac for logic!

Discussion in 'Drum & Bass' started by JimpaDirt, Jun 17, 2011.

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    So I'm planning to convert to logic from FL studio when I'm getting my new mac. Problem is... I don't know sh*t whats good or bad in a computer. So I wonder if anyone that knows more than me could help me out?

    What should I get inside my new computer? Suitable processor etc.. I'm mainly just going to use it for producing and nothing else. And i'ts going to be a laptop aswell ofc.. I'ts the first step to my DJ table ;)

    Any advices are more than welcome!
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    Uhh, well its a MAC.. so you dont have a huge range of choice really... cheapest is a Macbook, if you have more to spend then theres 5 different macbook pros and the main differences are screen size.

    Looking at it seems the 13 inch 2.7ghz is the best value for money, it doesnt have a graphics card but that shouldnt matter. Not sure about external soundcards and stuff though.

    Edit: actually, surely a bigger screen is always better for producing.. but not for DJing.. I dunno, Im arguing with myself here

    < schiz

    edit edit: also looking at those macs, apparently the 2.7ghz 13" has a DUAL CORE i7?!!??!?! what the fuck are you on about apple you fucking spastics
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