Get ya tracks played on LOAD MEdia show

i'll pm you some links soon.

where can i listen to the LOADMEdia show, what is it, who runs it and wheres it based? all info would be appreciated.


LOAD Media is a music distributor based in Reading can listen to it at

the show is from 5-7pm GMT every Friday...( internet technicals allowing LOL) ......and I play every 2nd friday of the Month
..its a great show to catch up on latest plates ..Deadly P always drops some killer tracks ....
K GUYS Todays the day ...have to say all a ya who said check myspace/email etc..just ain't got the time ..need apologies for missing teh dealine..we'll hook something up....

To all of u who I have tracks from...I will be rinzin what I can that fits in the set , u know hwo it is I just if not played on the show , will play to the man after..either way your efforts will not go unrecognised, and will hope to have more hook up's 4 u keep them coming !!!!
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