Genotype "Dis Sound / Gate Crash" (Reinforced 179)


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Mar 4, 2002
Heres one thats a filler to put between tunes that have more going on.

Genotype's "Dis Sound" is a nice 1992 flavored roller. It reminds me of Doc Scott's "Here Come The Drums" due to the way it uses the 2 Bad Mice "Ware Mouse" accidental noise snares and the bass soloed bit. Not much to offer other then the fact it has that 92 roller vibe. This tune would make a good tune to play before Spirit's "Overdrive" due to the fact that tune uses the "Ware Mouse accidental noise snares" to better effect.

The logo side has "Gate Crash" which is more of the same. This time the tune teases you with some short 1992 hands in the air riffs which never lead into anything. Its like you want to grab the Genotype and smash his face against the wall for not bringing the full on 1992 riff. Its like, "... Dude... Why tease me like that, BRING IT I SAY! BRING THE FUCKINGHARDCORE" So for that reason the tune isn't as good as it could have been... total filler.

I rate it: 5/10

1992's made up Deffinition: Ware Mouse Accidental Noise Snare - The sound which I believe started with the said 2 Bad Mice tune. It was used in many other tunes since then. I believe the sound is a glitch noise that came from the Bad Mice sampler. The sound was so cool they decided to base a whole track around it. This is my GUESS, if anyone wants to add to this please do :)
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