Genom & Goukaimuri - One Point EP [GAUDEP003]

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    GAUDEP003 Genom & Goukaimuri - One Point EP [Genom Audio]


    Artist: Genom & Goukaimuri
    Title: One Point EP
    Label: Genom Audio
    Catalogue: GAUDEP003
    Genre: Drum & Bass, Techno, Dub Techno
    Length: 27m50s
    File Format: WAV, MP3 320 kbps
    Release Date: 12.01.2015


    01. Goukaimuri - One [Genom Audio]
    02. Genom - 1.2K [Genom Audio]
    03. Goukaimuri - One Point Three [Genom Audio]
    04. Goukaimuri - One Point Four [Genom Audio]

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    At third EP released for Genom Audio we introduce you a new artist. Goukaimuri is a solo project from Michal Malolepszy. Until the year 2005 Michal had released all solo drum and bass tunes as Goukaimuri. After he had joined the forces with Tomasz as Genom, the Goukaimuri name had been destined for Michal's non drum and bass projects like ambient, techno, idm etc.

    The idea of this EP was to create four different tracks which are not a remixes, but the four alternative versions of the same tune based on different music genres. In the production process each tune was written and produced from the very beginning using the same melody. || facebook || soundcloud || mixcloud