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    Genom - Doberman Reloaded [GAUD001]


    Artist: Genom
    Title: Doberman Reloaded
    Label: Genom Audio
    Catalogue: GAUD001
    Genre: Drum & Bass
    Length: 83m 58s
    Release Year: 2016

    A. Genom - Spring
    B. Genom - Ikari o Komete Hashre
    C. Genom - Run With Anger
    D. Genom - Up
    E. Genom - Akashima (Second Strike)
    F. Genom - Assue e Touchdown
    G. Genom - Doberman
    H. Genom - Looking For Lafia
    I. Genom - Ronin
    J. Genom - Behind The Horizon
    K. Genom - Infections
    L. Genom - Nightlights (Follow Me)

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    This compilation contains tracks made originally between 2002 and 2009. We decided to finally release them because of our friends and listeners. They often asked us about our older tunes. We haven’t public them because of their poor mixdown quality. When we created first tunes we were still learning the production techniques. After whole these years we noticed that our first tracks still have high music potential and people who know our music still like them. Thanks to it we opened old projects once again and remastered 12 tracks, that you can hear at this compilation album. We hope that our old listeners will accept the new versions the same as our new auditory.