GENOCIDE-Fall 2008 Promo Mix mp3

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    (Outlawed Productions) Milwaukee, WI

    GENOCIDE - Fall 2008 Promo Mix mp3 83.49MB


    Intro "Assault In Progress"
    Audio&Dylan-The Birth & The Death -Tech Freak
    The Sect-Evolve -Offkey
    Evol Intent&Eye-D-Rockn'Roll -Evol Intent
    Mumblz&Switch Technique-Gunz Cause Runz(Hustlin' VIP) -unreleased
    Demo&Cease-Crowd Control -Human Imprint
    Diverge&Brainwash-Dementor -unreleased
    SPL-Sober -Habit
    Limewax-Kristall Weizen -Tech Itch
    Technical Itch-Death Jazz VIP -Tech Itch
    Nanotek-Those Who Dwell Within -Intransigent
    Mystification&Diverge-Untitled -??
    Audio-Vigilante -Tech Freak
    Evol Intent&Ewun-Reality Check -Evol Intent
    Eye-D-Domino -PRSPCT
    Demo&Cease-Ladies Nite VIP -Human Imprint
    Silent Killer&Breaker-Brigade -OHM Resistance
    Limewax-Onkey(Audio Rmx) -Lost Soul
    GEIN-Warden -Guerilla
    Diverge&Proton Kid-Nightvision -Order in Kaos

    BOOK ME!!!
    AIM,Myspace: chainsawBALLZ

    Special Spanks: To all the producers on here, without them this mix wouldn't be possible!! Outlawed, GEIN & the skinsuit collection, Adam, Beans & Ronnie, Kevin, Dong, Myles, Wigz, Dave, Chris, Wenz, Rachel, Andrea, Cheezy, Hypno&Amber, Mikey, Netzer, Illuminatus, Colin&Christine, LOG, Stickee, Noelle, TJ, Kruser, Wade, Mike D, Tony Tone, Buttfiend, Wotecki, Rick, Stan Still, Ryan, Todd, Olli, Jason (even tho i hate u sometimes) & Lucky, MASS ent., ALL the killwaukee DNB heads who have supported me or the scene AND!! to Mumblz&Switch Technique for letting us remix his tune! ;P

    ****COME SEE GENOCIDE alongside Diverge/No Parimeter/Hypnoassassin & Wild Stallions on 11/01/08:****

    @ Club 200 East Milwaukee, WI