DnB Genesis Nights Promo Mix - September 2011 - Dexta & MC Sense

Skatman B

Jun 11, 2009

Time for the September instalment of our mixtape series. This one will take you deep below the ground! Stepping up on decks is Diffrent Music's head honcho Dexta. Rolling through like a 'pink giraffe on rollerskates, Dexta has put together a selection of music packed full of dubs and previously unheard material. On mic duties we're proud to introduce our very own resident, MC Sense, who you should of already heard on Drum & Bass Arena, Flex FM, Renegade Hardware, or as part of production trio, Fathom Audio. This is the first poet of drum & bass! Catch both these artists performing at Genesis in London on 8th October.

Listen, enjoy and share!

Frederic Robinson "Laughing at Clouds" (DIFFRENT DUB)
DP3 & Dominic Ridgway "City Of Gods" (ABSYS DUB)
Fathom Audio "Clear the Mist" (DISPATCH DUB)
Arkaik "Trauma" (DIFFRENT DUB)
Shaded "Extinct" (DIFFRENT DUB)
Jekyll "Blabbermouth" (DIFFRENT DUB)
Clarity "Fractured" (DUB)
Chills "Everyones Mad" (DIFFRENT)
Fathom Audio "Promises" (DIFFRENT DUB)
Hunchbak "Cliche feat. Arkaik" (DIFFRENT DUB)
Genotype "A Few Too Many" (INGREDIENTS DUB)
Overlook "Mirrors" (HORIZONS DUB)
Dexta "Torn Dub" (DUB)

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