Genesis Nights - Drum and Bass Weekly (Live) #003

Skatman B

Jun 11, 2009
Another live mix from Genesis Nights owner and resident DJ - Skatman B. 1 hour of the finest drum and bass sounds.

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Raiden - Fallin' (Revisited)
Basher & Xtrah - Reflections
Icicle - Late Hours VIP
Marcus Intalex - Electrocution
Philth - Obession (Dub)
MC Conrad & DJ Furney - Drum Tools
Spectrasoul - Supression
Calibre - Reno
Basher & Xtrah - Hubble
Foreign Concept - Babyfaced Battleaxe (feat Dekka)
Silent Dust - The Giant (Marcus Intalex remix)
Detail - I Need You
Doc Scott - VIP Drumz
Spectrasoul - 4 Points
Alix Perez - Crooklyn
Commix - Life We Live
Marcus Intalex - Stark
S.P.Y - Hot Spot
Data - Hydrogen


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Dec 19, 2008
nice set man
reflections > late hours is immense
electrocution worked really well and i liked the cheeky crossover bits, really nice transition too.
really liked the giant > i need u > vip drumz - section was wicked.
crooklyn > life we live was vibes!

selection throughout was great, all big tracks yet not the same old ones u hear time and time again. well played, it kept it interesting. big ups!
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