Generic intros and Happy New Year to the DNBF crew from HMT!


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Hey guys n gals,

Just for some water cooler chat I'll intro myself with the old asl minus all of the info because you never talk to strangers!

I'm a DnB fan from New Zealand, I wrote my masters on event promotion... yeah you can get a masters for that. Funnily enough in doing so I learnt it's probably better to just go run and event company rather than focus your thesis on it. OH yarn academic chat.

I'm more into the liquid side of dnb, but I also like a bit more of the Perez and S.P.Y type stuff. The first dnb album I bought was Marky the Brazilian Job if I remember correctly, then a bunch of Dieselboy and then I saw Shapeshifter and that's when it all really cracked off for me. After a few years of passive listening I realised (out of nowhere shock horror) I needed to lose weight so I started finding mixes and tracks to learn to run to. Thanks to the reliability of Nikes, the world of DnB and some self motivation I lost 30kg, and figured out running forests and hills and decided life's pretty effin awesome and so is DnB. SO for the last year or so I've been constantly searching out new tracks and attending gigs where I can, it's a bit harder getting good DJ's down to Dunedin but the Hospital cats and a few others have been awesome enough to pop in and visit and we've loved them for it!

Ideally I'd one day love to work in the industry, maybe not as a DJ but I love helping connect people and the business excites me so who knows where I'll point my sights. For now I will stick to part time stand up comedy and sales, full time communications jobs, sharing tracks I love via HighMoonTunes facebook and trying to make running mixes for myself and my mates to keep amping to.

I look forward to getting involved and getting my opinion out there!

Here's my first go at a mini mix, it'll give you a good idea of what I like. I had to leave the whole Netsky track at the end cos it's just such a beauty. I love good piano and that's why I reckon Komatic is the name to watch for this year (and also check out Nightshade NZ).
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