General Malice's new digi-label GM Digital OUT NOW!!


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General Malice coming through with 2 brand new album releases on his new digi-label! The first is Trunk Musik, a 4 track dubstep ep featuring some absolute killer tracks. Bass engineering at it’s finest, wicked drum hits, grindin’ melodies, everything you’d expect from the General. If you've heard these tunes over the past year at shows or in mixes these have been reworked and retweaked since then so make sure to cop these final finished versions!

The Lost Tapes is a collection of older jungle tracks that Malice had been working on that he thought had been lost in a hard drive crash, BUT ended up getting them recovered after years. Enjoy them for yourself available now!!

Introducing GM Digital, the new digital label from long-time N2O/Big Cat soulja General Malice...

Releases Include:
Trunk Musik (GMD001)

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The Lost Tapes (GMD002)

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