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    There's always the question about the quality of music within the drum 'n bass scene. You've got your purists. You've got your haters. You've got your enthusiasts. And then you've got the ones that rise up above all - the leaders of the new sound; the ones that take the music to the next level.

    Clint Harley Ward, A.K.A. General Malice has had a dream of innovating the drum 'n bass scene to a point that no one has touched before. As a significant figure on the notorious Big Cat Records in Japan and a rising star on Nitrous Oxide Entertainment in the United States, Malice has always stayed true to his experimental sound, mashing up hip-hop, amen-ridden jungle, reggae and metal within a single track while turning bass-craving junglists into "rabid monsters of the pit."

    His latest album, "Final Takeover," is based around a style dubbed "extreme reggae, dancehall, IDM-style mash-up" and features twelve original tracks, each with a different sound than the one previous to it. This album will be available on March 14, 2006 as a CD and Three-piece vinyl set and will be available at all major retailers including Best Buy, Virgin, HMV and Tower.

    General Malice is the true underground hero of the next generation of DIY producers that mash out the sounds of reggae/IDM/jungle/hip hop/ dancehall with fresh new concepts and club moshing agression. With over 35 hits on the Japanese label Big Cat, his sound has inspired a nation of mash-up junkies. Think of General Malice as a darker roughneck version of Prefuse 73, or if Rise Against was more bass driven, or if Squarepusher had more radio anthem driven dancefloor killers, and that's where you will find General Malice's sound.

    Bringin' influences from the legendary Gangstarr, Kraftwerk, Slayer, Remarc, Ludacris, Ray Keith, DJ Shadow, Lee Perry, and Massive B, this young gun DJ+Producer rages hard and rough enough for the next sound with international all-star guests KRS-1, The NIPPS, and General Jah Mikey. It's punk fueled eletronica with a solid reggae & indie rock consistency. If IDM jungle/drum and bass were ever to break into cross-over mainstream, one would reference General Malice's "Final Takeover" album as being the "one that put it on the map." It is the first ever American reggae jungle mash-up album.

    Album Info
    Artist: General Malice
    Release Title: Final Takeover
    Label: Nitrous Oxide Records
    Catalog No.: N2O 057
    Format: CD / 3x12" LP
    Country: US
    Release Date: 14 March 2006

    01. Original Dun Dunna Intro
    02. Mad Skillz & Stars
    03. Sword Sharpening
    04. Stopper
    05. King Sounds
    06. N2O Never Falsify
    07. Kill 'Em All
    08. Club Shakin'
    09. Beat You at Your Own Game
    10. Selvia
    11. Junglist Girls Cry
    12. Too Much Babblin'

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