Genelec 8020B

I listened to a couple of different pairs of these Genelecs the other day in a shop and really liked em. They sound really nice, however i'm not sure how flat they are compared to other monitors of comparable price.

Also didn't take any music with me so couldn't test them to music that i knew inside out.
They do sound nice and quite compact compared to say mackies or Yamaha's but was concerned that the lack of low end may be a problem.
yea genies are nice enough, def worth their price. the 8020s are a little small but do have more bass than you'd expect. The 8020's hold value 2nd hand better than the bigger models though so if you buy second hand maybe stretch to 8030's.

also genies are built like tanks, I dropped an 8020 about 5 foot and it was fine :)
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