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It's quite hard to judge this sort of thing. Some experimental atmospheric stuff really speaks to me, and some doesn't.

I quite like the drop in this one, not really the first section. I think you need to make it more glitchy after the drop, and differentiate between the different sounds more- maybe have only one sound playing at the same time as drums, and try and not let the reverb and echoes of one sound spill over into the next?

I guess you could do that by re-sampling each noise after it's had echoes placed on it, then chopping it off sharply when the next sound comes in.

I also think that getting the pad to make a more definite entrance and having more of a presence would be good too, and maybe a few really deep bassy rumbles would be nice, just occasionally, like the ones in burial's 'kindred'
If it was me making this, that is what I'd do, but if you didn't think it's a good idea you can ignore me and tweak it whichever way you think.