Gender Bender - llSpaMll

so this is like the very first dark dnb mix i ever recorded xD and my first post in the forums in a super longass time lol

heres the link xD

and tracklist

01.Onyx - Asphexia
*Double Drop
02. Dream Killer - Cause 4 Concern
*Double Drop
03.Decapitator - Arsenic
04.The Hill - Hedj &Nize5ize
05.Nightwatch - Axiom
06.The Cell - Nize5ive&Pitch n Sulphur
07.Animal - Black Sun Empire&State of Mind
08.Dead End - N Phonix
09.Crisis - Maztek
10.Victimology - N Phonix
11.Wonkey Eye'd Lesbian - Nightwalker
*Double Drop
12.High Tension - Brainfuzz
13.Robot Skullphuck - Nightwalker
14.Brimstone - Eye D
15.Concussion - Noisia
16.Out Alive - Catacomb
17.The Weka - The Upbeats
18.Double Axel - Chris SU
19.Stomp Box - The Qemist
20.Dread Moon - Jade& Matt U
21.Metamorphia - Axi
22.Midnight Express - DieselBoy&Evol Intent
23.Super Bomba Banana -Filibration
24.Rock & Roll - Evol Intent&Eye D
25.Critical Mass - Filibration
26.Poison - The Upbeatz
27.Time Chaser - Silent Witness&Break
28.Wise Guy - Wickaman

thoughts n stuff would be nice